Art Adventures

Students will be inspired through some of the best Bible stories, picture books and famous artists to create their own colorful keepsakes. We will use a large variety of art materials to get messy and grow our artistic understandings! All materials will be provided.

Art Through the Ages

We will travel back in time to study some of the most famous art movements, exploring a variety of mediums and concepts. Students will create frameable faith-based art projects and build drawing/observation skills through weekly sketches. All materials will be provided, including a sketchbook and digital art portfolio

Project-Based Art
This class gives students a chance to explore a wide range of media including mosaic, painting, drawing, sculpture and more.  Students will also be introduced to basic art techniques and art history. All supplies are provided for this class.  

Artful Stories 
Art projects will be based on a book/story shared before creating. Through art making, we will try out techniques of the illustrators and express our understanding of the authors’ message. All supplies will be provided.

Art Beyond Measure 
Math is EVERYWHERE! Students will use measuring as a tool to create accuracy through their artwork. We will have fun with optical illusion, portraiture, architecture, perspective and more. All supplies will be provided.

Tactile Expressions 
Art comes in so many beautiful forms! This class allows students to try a variety of mixed media through different textures, levels of detail and sometimes mess! Projects will include basic elements and principles or art and may take two weeks for completion. All supplies will be provided.