Q: Where are classes held?

A: Classes are held at 1921 E. Main St. Little Chute, WI

Q: What should my child wear to class? 

A: check out our guidelines here: http://brighterdaysdance.com/dresscode Please pay close attention to our modesty dress code requirements located at the bottom of that page.

Q: Does my child need to be in the recital?

A: No, recital participation is optional.  However, we need to know this as soon as possible for costume purposes AND for the sake of choreography.

Q: Where are the rehearsals and recital?

A: Our recitals are held at Kaukauna High School in the auditorium. The rehearsals are held at Kaukauna High School auditorium as well.

Q: When is the recital? 

A: You can find all the recital information located here.

Q: Where are the rehearsals and does my child really need to come to rehearsals? 

A: Rehearsals are also at Kaukauna High School.  And yes, we prefer your child come to the rehearsal for several reasons.  Please contact Teresa at brighterdaysdance@gmail.com with specific questions/concerns.

Q: Is there really a limit as to how many classes my child can miss in order to perform in the recital?

A: Yes, we have a limit of 5 missed classes.  If your child misses more than 5 classes, then the instructor reserves the right to require private lessons in order to get the child caught up so they can perform at the recital.  There is an additional fee for private lessons.

Q: Where can I get dance attire and shoes?

A: You can check local department stores, downtown Appleton has the “Dance!” store, or you can order online.
For online ordering, one good option is www.discountdance.com. You may use the teacher referral code TP103326 during online checkout. This will take 10% off your first order and 5% off every order after that.

Q: What days are classes?  When do they start?  When are breaks? 

A: Check out our calendar here.

Q: How do I order BDD apparel?

A: You can find the information here
Just print and fill out the order form, and place your form/payment in the drop box at the studio.
Or, you can mail your order form/payment to our mailing address http://brighterdaysdance.com/contact-us/

Q: When can I order tickets for the recital? 

A: Online ticket ordering will be available in January/February.

Q: What does rehearsal look like?

A: We have dress rehearsals which means your child needs to come dressed in their costume(s) with appropriate shoes.  Dancers will practice their routines up to 3 times on-stage.  They will perform in front of their peers, in hopes of preparing well for the live recital.

Q: When is picture day? Do we need to come?

A: This year, pictures will be taken during week of February 11, 2024, during normal class times. A group picture AND an individual picture will be taken. Photographs will be taken and the remainder of class time will be used for instruction.
Your child does NOT need to come if you do not want them to have pictures taken. If your child cannot attend, but you still want pictures taken, you can contact our photographer, Chris Van Den Berg, to set up a time to have a picture taken at a later date.  Big & Little, Music & Movement AND all Art classes do not meet during picture week.